Justin Bieber - Recovery - Music Review

Great song. Basically a throw back to Craig David's 2000 hit "Fill me In". The main riffs follow each other so closely it may as well be a remix. 

Great use of soft pulsing bass, similar to the new hit "Wait a minute" with Tyga. 

Many say this is a Selena break up song, adding a special layer of 15 year old teen girl giddiness all over it. 



Justin Bieber - Long As You Love Me - Music Review

What's different about "long as you love me" compared to every other song Bieber has made?

They made him sound BLACK. He's finally got soul. Damn it. So hard to rip on him now. Maybe Usher Raymond lent him his voice box for a studio session as part of the record deal? Nah, he's finally cracked puberty. 

The pulp fictionesq music video is great. Some one really needs to rerange the scenes so they are chronological. I bet that video would get 50 mill views on youtube! For any movie buffs, the dad is Michael Madsen, that gangster from reservoire dogs movie, the one that cuts the cops ear off while he's dancing! Justin is lucky he just got away with a black eye and fat lip :)


Flo Rida - Wild Ones ft. Sia Music Review

Looks like having Etta James on his last track "Good Feeliing" did so many wonders, Flo Rider's going to go for house anthems featuring female vocalists moving forward.

And why isn't Sia or Etta in any of the music videos? Is it because they are not fake tanned, fake eyelashed, fake everything, big boobed bimbos? Probably. Good judgement Mr Flo Rida, unless you got a larynx like Adele, no one wants to see a boring chick in a video.

For all those who are upset that Sia is not in the Wild One music video, here's what the Aussie vocalist really looks like..   Beware, you may throw up your lunch when you see what she is prepared to do to her face in the name of art. 


Busta Rhymes - Why Stop Now ft. Chris Brown Music Review - Rihanna Can't Watch This Video

Busta Rhymes - Why Stop Now ft. Chris Brown Music Review

First Verse. One Breath!


Is that some sort of new record? Busta Rhymes dares the youtube community to do what he can do in his new song "Why Stop Now". This song pushes the boundaries for the speed of rap.

I see this as the sequel to "Look At Me Now". The songs share similar characteristics in vocals, and also simplistic thumping baseline and minimalist drumline.

Busta proclaims at the end of this song - "I can't shit and fart all on a beat and kill a couple niggas". True that.

Chris Brown with his blonde fade is back in form. Damn he's on 5% body fat by now. This guy scares me. I bet Rihanna has troubles watching this video.

Don't bother listening to the why stop now song on your tinny laptop speakers. It just won't do it justice. Just like the other heavy hitting rap tracks of 2012 like tygas rack city, the entire song is in the baseline.

Lets hope the rest of Busta Rhymes' upcoming 9th studio album E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) 2: End of the World has more of this greatness.




Whitney Houston Dead - Kevin Costner Fired As Bodyguard

Whitney Houston has died at age 48, in Los Angeles, California. First MJ, now this.

Kevin Costner's reaction to Whitney's death was wonderfully conveyed as Kevin delivered the eulogy on Sunday at a baptist church. Kevin chose words at the funeral that gave Whitney the respectful passing she deserved. Although drawing a little criticism for focusing around half the speech describing his upbringing in the Baptist church, his speech has been overwhelmingly praised by all. In summary Kevin Costner said that Whitney Houston and he had so much in common, primarily because of their strong faith. He meticulously relays the casting process for the lead female role in the Bodyguard, even saying he postponed the movie one year because Whitney announced a world tour. 

US police said Houston was found dead in a bathtub in a room at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles. Her cause of death is unknown, but is strongly rumored to be health related death due to extreme drug abuse over prolonged periods of time. It is likely she slipped into unconsciousness and drowned in the bathtub. The initial autopsy is complete, but it will be weeks before the toxicology report is complete and the results are made public.

Police spokesman Mark Rosen told reporters Houston was pronounced dead at 15:55 pm (23:55 GMT) in her room on the fourth floor of the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Fire department personnel and members of hotel security were attempting to resuscitate her when police arrived at the scene, he said, but their efforts were unsuccessful.

"She has been positively identified by friends and family that were with her at the hotel, and next of kin have already been notified," he added.

The cause of her death remains unclear but Mr Rosen said there were "no obvious signs of criminal intent". This is being treated as a "normal death for someone her age" and is not being treated as a homicide at this point.

Taken from us too early, the music world has been robbed of one of its most amazing vocalists.

Selling 55 mill records in the US alone shows the iconic status she had as a recording artist. Many of the worlds best singers have come forward and said Whitney Houston was their biggest influence. These include big hitters like Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera. They now all mourn their idols death.

Whitney Houston was a victim of the "music biz" on so many levels. It ultimately cost her her life, no matter what the autopsy will show in the coming days. Musically, she faced criticism from the African American community about not being rnb enough, and pandering to white America using pop tunes.

Physically she deteriorated from excessive drug use to cope with the perils of fame. This not only caused overall health complications, but made her voice raspy so she could no longer hit the high notes.

From a relationship perspective, music brought her Bobby brown, a cautionary tale of tumultuous love.

MTV voted her 3rd best voice of all time.